THIS IS NOT THE END: Weltmaschine exhibited in Kassel
December 2012
The sound and light installation "Weltmaschine" (2010 in collaboration with Tilman Hatje, music by Lukas Rabe) is currently shown in Kassel in the exhibition "this is not the end" in the Loyal Arts Club. The exhibition runs until January 27th, 2013. More information at

TOKONOMA - Platform for young art and club culture
June 2012
This summer I rented an old shop with some friends and after big renovation work in May we opened our "TOKONOMA Apartment". In the transformed shop we host young artists from all over europe in an Artist In Residence Programme. We exhibit their work and have regular events like screenings and lectures on tuesday evenings. Every other saturday we are guest in the Club "Batterie" in Kassel where we┬┤ve invited our favourite DJs and bands to celebrate with us TOKONOMA Club. Find our website on

April 2012
In collaboration with Andreas Herzau I produced the trailer for his new photo book "HERZAU MOSCOW STREET" which is published by Edition Braus and available in bookstores now. The trailer has a length of about one minute and will be used for online promotion. The music has been done by Valentin Dietmar. Watch the trailer here.